Water Slide Design & Installation Sydney

Water Slide SydneyTotal Rock Concepts Sydney have been building water slides for both residential and commercial applications for over 20 years.  Water slides can be built at any size from 3 metres to 30 metres and above with all our water slides being prefabricated and modular to meet your individual needs. 

Custom Water Slides Sydney

Our custom made water slides are are constructed out of fibreglass and are encased in our Artificial Rock application giving you a natural rock finish that will give your family and friends years of great pleasure that everyone will appreciate.  

Our fibreglass water slides can cater for both children and adults with the structure rated to suit heavy human traffic. Adding a fake rock water slide to your swimming pool will not only add loads of fun but will enhance the look,  landscape and value of your property for many years to come. 

Fibreglass water slides can not only be added to fit your new swimming pool installation but can also be modified and adapted to your existing swimming pool. 

Water slide swimming pool feature 

We are highly experienced in the design and fabrications of water slides. Weather you are after a curved water slide or a theme park style water slide in your very own backyard or commercial premises the team at Total Rock Concepts Sydney can help. We have built hundreds of water slides for over 20 years and are becoming more and more popular today! Why not create hours of fun in your yard and avoid the lengthy water theme park que.

How much does a water slide cost?

There are many cost factors when installing a water slide. Variation in size and site access will influence the cost of both fabrication and installation.

You may be suprised that the price is extremely cost effective and will represent excellent value for the investment. 

We offer a no obligation free quotation for all Artificial Rock Water slide enquiries.