Welcome to one of the most dynamic & versatile pool feature products in the landscape & building industries. My name is Oliver and I am the very proud owner of Total Rock Concepts.  Man Made Rock is used by Landscape Architects & winner of multiple industry awards.  The use of hand sculptured artificial rock is so versatile, the imagination is it's only limitation.

Specialist Man Made Rock Sydney Forming Techniques

Total Rock Concepts Sydney, uses specialised construction techniques, processes & engineering that will see your man made rock stand the test of time.  Our procedures are typical of construction techniques used in the pool industry, utilising steel reinforcement & shotcrete for most applications. The product is layed, using stabilising & water-proof additives for longevity, never needs sealing & only improves with time. 

Sydney Landscaping Services

With over 20 years industry experience, Total Rock Concepts can accommodate full landscape services including retaining walls. From bulk earthworks to limited access down to 1.2 metres, Total Rock Concepts also carry out irrigation, lighting & planting, including mature tree relocations and rock garden beds. With one of specialties being resort style pool renovations & modifications including water slide design & installation. Our artificial rock services are Sydney based we certainly do travel to most states around Australia for both Residential & Commercial purposes.

Versatile Sydney Artificial Rock Products

Artificial Rock takes you beyond normal perameters of building, breaking most boundaries in it's versatility to disguise unsightly damaged walls, underpinning repairs, land subsidence, retain restabilization & in most cases existing products can be stabilised and resurfaced rather then demolished & reconstructed. For example, a collapsing block wall can be back piered, braced & resurfaced to look like a rock wall at a fraction of costs involved to demolish & replace. Our Mock Rock product was originally developed for rock pools & water feature projects, but we soon realised it's potential in some of the following applications.

  • Under pinning & shawring cliff faces & unstable excavations with a finish facade of Artificial Rock
  • Hand sculptured rock pools & ponds including renovations
  • Rectifying structural and water proofing issues
  • Transforming pools from formal to freeform beautiful resort style pools
  • Shotcrete or Concrete Spraying for retaining walls, swimming pools, slope stabilisation etc.
  • Refacing soft laminated areas in exposed sandstone etc.
  • Mock Rock-Manmade-Concrete Waterfalls
  • Man made rock Animal habitats from fish ponds to crocodile & snake enclosures
  • Natural rock arid & dry river beds, to cactus gardens
  • Religious grottos or shrines
  • Fake rock caves, waterfalls, cascades
  • Fibreglass waterslides encased with faux rock
  • Koi ponds or fish ponds
  • Japanese garden designs
  • Natural landscaping & pool landscaping
  • Unique swimming pool designs
  • Damaged seawalls with erosion issues
  • New retaining walls, fixing & restablising an old retaining wall, structural & load bearings finished with a mock rock facade
  • Concrete garden edges & stairs finished with an artificial rock facade
  • Indoor & outdoor mock rock water feature entries  

Imitation rock can be shaped, moulded & coloured to individual tastes. Lets face it, we are all different!  Natural rock changes from region to region within Australia, being so multinational, not everybody wants an Australian Bush Rock theme so we have accommodated a diverse range of styling, colouring & shaping hand sculptured rock to surfice broad expectations. Each job has it's own unique opportunities & challenges, making personalising the product an exciting and rewarding job. Our goals are to have happy, satisfied clients & work on an old-fashioned personalised service with an on-time no nonsense logistical approach to each project.

As you can imagine, the job carries immense personal satisfaction & pride for myself and staff.

It would be a pleasure to speak to you regarding any future projects.

Kindest regards

Oliver Gaut


Please feel free to contact me directly on 0411 602 592.