Retaining Walls Sydney

Total Rock Concepts are experts at re-stabilising retaining walls & building new retaining walls. Before knocking down an old wall that is on the verge of falling down, be sure to contact us to get advice as you just may be able to save your wall without the need to demolish and start again.

Structural retaining wall services

We provide structural retaining wall construction services as well as our hand-sculpted artificial rock application option. Our artificial rock application provides structural integrity using reinforced steel and shotcrete; your retaining wall will be as good as new and stronger than ever at a fraction of the price. The beauty of fake rock retaining walls compared to block retaining walls is that it gives you a natural appearance to your landscape blending in with your shrubs and trees. Everybody owns a block retaining wall; why not be that house or business that has something a little different and be the talk of the town. Some examples of our retaining wall services are:

  • Structural Retaining Walls
  • Shotcrete Retaining Walls
  • Reestablishment of existing retaining wall
  • Retaining wall repairs (without demolition)
  • Brick wall repairs
  • Anchor Retaining Walls
  • Restrengthen existing retaining wall
  • Besser block wall repairs with man made rock facade
  • Commercial road side retaining walls
  • Council development retaining walls

Building a retaining wall Sydney

Are you looking at building a new retaining wall? We have been building retaining walls for over 15 years and with our methods we can guarantee we will be able to save you money delivering you a quality & strong retaining wall at a budget price. For a no obligtaion free quotation, please call Oliver on 0411602592.

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